Tuesday, January 22, 2013

of SugarBun and Midin

The downside of growing up in Sarawak for me is I always miss the food that can only be found there. And since lately I have become super bitchy about food, it's harder for me. Like I told you in the previous post, I need to seduce myself to eat. Sometimes even Pizza cant do much. In this situation, I would do mental browsing about food that I've eaten in 25++ years of living just to see which one can arouse my taste buds.

You know what I really want right now?

SugarBun and Midin. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =______________='

So what's SugarBun? What is Midin?

SugarBun is a fastfood restaurant that can only be found in Sarawak. The best dish must be their fish fillet set. *i'm salivating*. When I was studying in Kuching, SugarBun was a must every week. huhu I told B about this. His flight to KL would be in the evening soooooooooo He is gonna tapau one set for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yum yum yum


Literally salivating now. slurpppppp!

Next is Midin. Midin is a type of vegetable, best cooked with belacan. Just like kangkung goreng belacan. Midin is a twin sister of Paku Pakis.

The taste is slightly different from paku pakis. haish i dunno how to describe laaaa but it's super awesome I could the whole plate on my own.

This is Midin Belacan. Ya Allah sedapnya......

For this, there's nothing we can do except I myself go to Sarawak which could be at the end of this year. B can bring it over here but i dont think if i cook it, the taste will be the same.

ok sebenarnya malas nak masak. hihi

Why in the first place I made this post? This is a torture....
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