Friday, January 11, 2013


Let's talk about instinct. 

I dont always trust my instinct because sometimes they were just ridiculous. For example, when I went to a shopping mall, my hunch said I needed a new handbag because my current handbag was dying. So I did bought a new one. Ended up my former handbag had a long life. haha

Anyhoo, wayyyyyyyy before I confirmed that I have a person growing in me, my instinct told me it's in there. I got sick few times but I didnt take any pills. I had windy belly but never applied any losyen mustajab. I stopped taking junk food. Ok that was a lie. I MINIMIZE the intake.hahaha so few weeks after that, it was confirmed that I'm carrying a baby.

So it happened to when it comes to choosing my midwife. I was contemplating between government and private. and another weird thing was I really really really wanted to have B going with me. My pills were running low so yesterday I had to go alone and because my instinct told me something was wrong.

I did feel right. I'm anaemic. and the reading was dangerously low for a pregnant mommy. My midwife was shocked to see the reading and quickly referred me to Klinik Mesjid Tanah. Took another test and the result was around the same figure. So the doctor asked me about family history bla bla bla. She also asked about Thalasemia. My cousin from my mom's side has a son with thalasemia. He and the wife carry the genetic so their first son is having them. And because of that, the doc scheduled for a test to confirm I do not have that gene too.

I feel tired most of the time even before I was pregnant. So can you imagine how tired I am in this condition? Lethargic. Never knew Anemia is the culprit all along. Must be because of my Jawa skin, cant tell that I'm that pale.hahahahaha

Actually the nurse drew blood from both arms. I lost so much blood yesterday.hehe

 Anyhoo, if it had not been my instinct, something bad could happen. Alhamdulillah. Now I understand what they say motherly instinct.hehehe I went back and told mom about what happened. She experienced the same thing too. She said when she delivered one of us (she couldnt remember who haha) she needed blood transfusion. Another one, she needed blood transfusion before she delivered another baby. Seems like I have a high chance to be like her. So it's considered risky then.

Baby be strong, mommy for sure will be =)

p/s The visit will be 2 times in a month. Can I manage? Masjid Tanah and my working place is too far. tskkk!
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