Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I just want to ngerepak

Thanks to my concerned Boss and the counselors, 3 Beta finally showed some changes today. I guess I cant manage every problem. I need back up. I need support. Thanks Boss for listening and putting the effort to help me, one young inexperienced teacher. tskk...

Because of today's event, I'm more determined to help the boys, to achieve at least 8 students who'll get A for English. hehe so far my class is a 100% pass for English.tee hee hee

Tomorrow marks my one year of teaching journey. I'm still young. Still learning. Still finding the perfect style of teaching.hehe I love my school. My crazy colleagues make everything bearable. I look forward everyday going to school because of them. We share the same problems, same pressure, same headaches, but we have each other to cheer us up. Thank you my circle of crazy colleagues.ehehe

Ape lagi eh?

Oh, I have graduated from week 8. I have started feeling nauseous. I cant look at plain rice. And most of the time, I want Coke to be my plain water. But dont worry, I havent given in to it yet. am pretending that I'm gulping Coke everytime I drink plain water.haha

I miss B. He's been such a sweet husband even from far. He never judged, never complained, never frowned when I was emotional. gosh am gonna cry soon. Hormones! pffttt! i know he wants to fly as fast as he can whenever I complained of backache, or cramps, or feeling nauseous. I know he feels useless everytime I cried over petty things. This morning when I was driving to school at 6.20am, I called him. Listened to 'Teman Pengganti' and became so emotional so I needed comfort. That song is super sad. tskkkk

Anyhoo, my bro is getting engaged next week so we are going to Terengganu yallllssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! B will be around too.hehehehehe cant wait!
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