Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Grumpy Lady and 2012

Everybody is listing about their events in 2012. Am not gonna run away from the cliche, so here I present all the important events in my life in 2012. *tepuk tepuk tepuk*

January 2012

My first posting, the starting of my teaching profession, the new journey of my life.

 February 2012

Ikha turned 2 =)))

March 2012

My cousin Diera got married

April 2012

Received my 1st salary and did serious shopping for wedding stuffs.

May 2012

Gambar kawen kena kasi beso sikit.haha Married the best man in the world =)))...

with them around..hehe

June 2012

Reception in Sibu.

Honeymoon-ing in KK where I got really sick and have never talked about trip.hahahahaha

July 2012

Abah sold his bad boy. tskk...

August 2012

  1st time raya-ing as a wife and celebrating in Sibu

September 2012

Honeymoon-ing at Genting Highland =D

October 2012

Honeymoon-ing at Port Dickson

November 2012

Spent time with the in laws cum honeymoon-ing at 3 different places. Kuching - Bintulu - Sibu 

 The birth of the 3rd apple of me eyes Ayfaaaaaaaaaaaa. ngap ngap ngap! Bunyi Maklang gigit pipi.hahahaha
December 2012

The return of Panda eyes. Ni tak panda sangat ye. dah surut.hehe

B's first time going to Mom's kampung. Sorry no other picture. We really need to start taking pictures =__='

and for the closing of 2012...

So how's your 2012? =))

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