Monday, January 7, 2013

I feel loved

Words travel so fast by the wind.

Today I bumped into few teachers on the way to class or the office. And these few teachers made me feel love.

They took my hand, or patted me on my shoulder, congratulating me. Hehe I have no idea how they heard the news. But thank you. I feel so much love.

Some of these teachers I barely spoke to. We exchanged smiles or nods but never anything intimate. The fact that they stopped me, wishing me all the best, giving me motherly advise on how to look after myself... I'm touched. Gosh, asking for transfer is gonna be so hard for me =(

Anyhoo, I notice that I cursed less and less this day. FYI, I dont generally curse except when I'm driving.hahahaha Melaka drivers are....... so sometimes the curse words just flew out my mouth. But lately, I kept quiet and killed the drivers in my mind or the most I blurted

"Apakah kepondanan ini???"

Yeah unrelated but at least not curse words.hahahahahaha
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