Thursday, January 17, 2013


A decent dinner for tonight. Plain porridge with lotsa ginger and a pinch of anchovies.hehe

Pakai mangkuk buruk je.hehehe

Today marked the 4th day I didnt eat any plain white rice with lauks. I just cant stand the look of the rice. I took heavy meals once a day which were in the evening. In the morning, my stomach became allergic to any food.haha

wayyyy before I got married, I always have this thought why pregnant women become sooo sensitive. Why cant they eat certain food, or smell certain thing. All those thing are plain normal. Until it's my time to experience it.I have no problem with smell. But certain food made me nauseous. I have to eat food that contain iron and my midwife advised to take a cup of spinach for every meal. Just the thought of  spinach in a cup make me... erghh.

Last Monday, I didnt eat anything for the whole day except crackers. I left school around 5pm, drove to Tesco. I literally walked around the mall, standing in front of restaurants for few minutes, just to make me salivating over something. True! I stood in front of KFC, i felt nothing. Then I went to Secret Recipe. Landed my expanding ass and scrutinized at the menu. I'm not exaggerating but I looked at each menu waiting for something to trigger my appetite. It was terrible people. I was sooo hungry but myself needed to be seduced to eat. 

That's how bad early pregnancy to me. Till today, I would drive home and being super active in searching for something to eat. I am hungry because I dont eat. But nothing seems appealing to my taste buds. Ngade tak??

They say this feeling will go away after the 3rd month. I really hope their words are true. Cant stand being hungry all the time =(

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