Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This morning I went to see Boss to discuss 3 matters. Let's skip the first two and jump straight to the 3rd one. It was about a problem I'm having with my students. I taught this class since last year and I guess they have become too comfortable with me that they ignore all my instructions. One of it was the whole class decided not to do the homework I gave. Actually it was for the school holiday. Last week I reminded them to do it so we could discuss this week. Boy they really had the nerve. out of 24, only 3 completed the task.

I was devastated. Hence the emo post yesterday. Can you imagine these kids, when they passed by me or met me anywhere around the school they would remind me, yes remind me that they havent done their homework? Indirectly, they were challenging me. I have one boy in this class that if he doesnt curse me with fuck or slut, he would ask me 'teacher, what will you do if I dont do my homework?' If you were me, what would you do?

So yesterday was my last straw. They are sitting for major examination and I dont want their bad attitude to affect their results. So I went to see Boss. Actually, I wanted to ask permission to punish the students by having them to give a talk in English during daily assembly. That's all. But thing got a lil bit too far. Boss decided to see these kids. I thought he would go to the class. But he made announcement instead, calling the whole class to his office. Of course I was shocked.

To cut story short, I was quite a hot stuff today. Teachers who are teaching the same class came and asked me what happened so I told them the real story. I thought they would scold me as you know, I'm the new broom....but I'm glad when they agreed with what I did because that class indeed has gone too much for some of the teachers.

I dont care if the students are weak. I want to teach. I love to see improvement. I love when my students could remember the new words they learn. But I cant take the attitude. Lazy and rude. I grow up with boys so I'm pretty familiar with their nature. But I'm an educator. My job is to educate. And it's not for academic purposes only but also for the whole being. I have a big responsibility.

Anyhoo, I entered the class later today. I told them I was the one who told Boss (They have been blaming other teachers). They were shocked because this time I really did what I warned them. For the first time today, 21 out of 24 students completed the homework. The other 3 still have the guts to challenge me. So I told them fine. You want real challenge? Next week, for daily assembly, each of you will have to share something in front of other student. If you were absent that day, I will call you a coward for the whole year. Wanna be a hero in the class? Might as well go all the way. That shut them up. Boys, play with their so called ego, you'll see the result. So next week let's see whether these boys show up or not. Cant wait to see them speaking in English in front of a large crowd!
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