Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pig out

Hello Blog!!! I miss you.hehe kiss kiss muah muah.

I want to blog but I have been lazy. Update for this week.

 According to Merriam Webster, pig out means to gorge on the food, eat greedily.

I might have exaggerated but I do eat a lot these days. I feel hungry after 30-40 minutes after heavy meal which sometimes led to stress. I have not eaten this much since I started controlling my diet about a year ago. And when the body keeps demanding food, I sometimes ate with slight tears in my eyes. huuu... And if dont eat, I feel nauseous.

I googled about first trimester where mommy needs not to increase calory intake. So why do i feel hungry constantly? Stresssssssssssssssssss

I have a colleague in school. She's in the same week as me (we are so gonna be besan...hahaha) Her EDD is around mine too. Contrary to me, she cant see the sight of food. Made her vomit. She's having morning sickness even while teaching. Basically, anything she eats will come out minutes later.

I havent had my first puking moment, yet. I hope I will never have to.hehehe 

B is coming 3 weeks from now and we'll go for our first scanning. yippeeee

Baby, be strong, dont demand too much food ok. Dont make mommy fat =DDDDD
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