Saturday, January 19, 2013

I am annoying

I think I've been super annoying lately. To my students, my brothers and maybe B. Not sure for colleagues though. Why I said so? Lemme explain. (just let me ramble nonsense stuff okay. I need to.hahaha)

My school is having major renovation at 2 blocks for Form 3 and Form 1 classes and is expected to complete by March. Right now, all the classes are floated. My 3 Beta specifically is temporarily located at an abandoned Math lab on the 3rd floor. I have trouble climbing up the stairs because by the time I enter the classes I would be out of breath. You know boys, they love to mess with your head. So when they made jokes or disturbed their friends while I was teaching, I got super annoyed. So I annoyed them back. By giving extra works or just membebel or let them out 10mins late after school ended.haha I dont think they know that I'm pregnant. Some already show sign of irritation towards me. Oh well~~~

My brothers
I have very bad appetite lately and have become super choosy. I would buy many junk food or food that I think my taste buds would like. and these food are usually the pricy one T___T. My brother thought I would never eat the food so he happily gulped down all of them which annoyed me. Apart from that, I would use pregnant-authority to get pretty much everything I want.haha lemme illustrate this. For example:

"Wei, dont eat pregnant lady's food. You dont know how we feel and by the time I want to eat they're all gone!"

"Move! This is pregnant lady's spot"  - referring to the best spot on the couch

"Can you get me a glass of water?Make sure use to my favourite mug. I have backache."

HAHA. My brother said I've abused the pregnant lady excuses. muehehehehe

Had secret recipe twice this week. dahlah tengah-tengah bulan T____________T

B is flying home in 5 days. Excited!

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