Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Venture

Few weeks ago, my PreU PK asked whether I'm interested to be a MUET examiner. I told him yes but I'm inexperienced. I should wait at least another year before I'm eligible. He insisted on sending my name because he said whether I got it or not, it doesnt matter. So I guess he sent the paper.

A week later the office clerk passed me a letter.

Of course I was shocked. But at the same time I was excited. So I went for the briefing at Bukit Katil. It was a one day course to brief the examiners how to examine the candidates. Oh forgot to tell you, it's for Speaking paper. At the registration, I was told that I'm just a Reserved because my experience doesnt qualify me. They told me 'maybe next year'. Weird enough, I felt relieved at that time. Why? Because I was the youngest person there, around 30++ experienced teachers and lecturers from schools and IPTAs. 

I sms-ed B and told him about the news and how relieved I felt. At least I have another year to improve my skill. However, God has a funny way to carve my path. About 45 minutes later, the boss called my name. and told me I would replace one examiner who couldnt make it. At that time there were another 4 reserved teachers who have experience as examiners. I told our boss that this would be my first time bla bla bla but she said 'doesnt matter. sooner or later you'll have to do it'. So I accepted the brown envelop with my code written on it.

There are 2 examiners for speaking. The ketua is called 'Q' and the second examiner is called 'R'. I'm 'R'. All the Rs were asked to sit next to their Qs. So I was introduced to my Q, Mr Wee. He's a lecturer. I was so intimidated - yes intimidated to be partner with a male Q who have 10years of experience. I was soooo hoping to get a female partner.haha

Long story short, after 3 days working with Mr. Wee at our first center, I really enjoyed the experience. He's a very happy go lucky man, never stingy with his knowledge and never once he made me feel like I dont deserve to be an examiner despite my young age. After every session with speaking groups, he would ask my opinion about the candidates and he listened attentively to every words I spoke. Sometimes he disagreed but most of the time he seconded my opinion. To receive that much from an experienced examiner meant so much to me. And if there was doubt, he would give me advise how to give marks to candidates. 

We had breaks together and he bought me nasi lemak or kuehs and mandarin oranges. He's more like a father actually.hehe

To date, I am so thankful that I got posted to a school who believes in me tho I'm still young, to become an examiner although I dont have a minimum of 3 years of experience, to work under a Q who b sees me as an equal. All these definite boost up my spirit, my self confidence and I trust myself even more that I can do things if I really work hard for it. Allah is great. Allah is great. =)

There are so much more to come and I look forward to it everyday. InsyaAllah.
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