Monday, April 9, 2012


From the past 2 weeks, we have been getting free eggs from our neighbour's hen, EVERYDAY!. With his permission, we are allowed to collect and cook the eggs. The hen has chosen our shoe rack as her nesting place. My parents did everything they could to disturb the 'comfy' nest so that the hen would choose other place but the attempts were to no avail. The reason we tried to chase her out was mainly because sometimes the eggs would roll and fell off the rack and mom had to wash and clean the mess. Anyhoo, freshly-laid kampung eggs yawww!

I took this picture last week. She was there, nesting the eggs. Unfortunately, we have taken the eggs but she was still there, waiting for her baby to crack open the shell and chirp. I did ask mom why she's still there and mom answered, it's her nature.

Right now, at the moment of typing, the hen is still there, sitting quietly at the corner and perhaps praying for her chicks' safety. It makes me sad. The eggs are still in our fridge. I hope she will not wake up one day and realise that the eggs are not there. That would be so sad.

Good luck to you hen. and thank you for providing us with fresh eggs =)

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