Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today, Head of PSS asked me,

"Ain, macam mana hal radio sekolah?"

My mulut yang gatal tak sedar diri benda tu belum sentuh pun cakap:

"Dah cikgu. Minggu depan start sebab saya nak tunggu masuk awal bulan 5".

He gave me a thumbs up.

At that moment I felt like chilly-ing my mouth. I've not touched even an inch on that matter. Found few kids to be DJs but havent got time to train them. How to train if  I myself dunno how to operate the school radio stuffs? Haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Tomorrow I hv to move fast. Learn how to operate the stuffs, brief the students and eat.miahahaha It's a short day tomorrow.

On a different brighter, sweeter note, a month baby. A month =)

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