Friday, April 13, 2012

Wedding Invite thru FB

Yeapp finally I created the invite after delaying the thought for so long. Reason being is I feel shy. I am not sure why but I was shy. Stupid betul. If shy, no need to get married la.haha last night, when I started inviting people, I could feel that my blood was rushing to myhead. Sebab malu punya pasal. I was sweating too. haish.

I thought of inviting people at the end of April/ early May. However, since many of our friends keep asking about it, we decided to create it last night. Alrite. Virtual invitation has been sent. Now collecting the address to send the invitation cards. hehe =)

Ambik berkat kenduri Crystal.hehe taken at Edmond & Crystal's reception.

I was searching for our pictures to be put up as the main picture for our FB invitation. and also for banner. and also for Canvas printing. I just realise that we dont have many pictures together. hmm.... kena amik gambau banyak-banyak nih. But we both are shy to take pictures together. no kidding. check my phone. only one or two pictures of us. 

Hopefully can get good pictures when he comes this weekend. Mak, tolong amik!
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