Monday, April 16, 2012

6 weeks

One of my missions when B came to visit was to take a photo for our banner/canvas printing picture. It didnt happen. Because first, we didnt have good camera. Second, mom was always there so we were shy shy fat cat to take picture. Thirdly, I was tired most of the time Might be due to the whole day at the stadium for MSSM and lack of caffeine.haha This is the only picture we took. Sometimes I wish we would camwhore more but we both dont like taking pictures. hmm..

This is the best that we could capture. At Jalan Tar =). I lost few kilos, he gained few. hehe

Anyhoo, captured this picture, a group of students was demonstrating, demanding for free education bla bla bla. I agree for free education to be given to those who deserve it i.e. students who excel or will work hard to excel in their studies. The rest, dont waste our time please.

Total catch. ehee Mom told me to buy a new luggage for me and B. I bought purple one.tee hee hee... 

As for now, I've bought all the things that should be bought.

From the picture:

1. One luggage for us.

2. Bunga telur and bunga manggar. Bought at Semua House. Quite cheap compared to Melaka.

3. Hijabs from Ariani. Mom insisted that I bought all my hijabs i.e. Solemnization, bride reception and groom reception from Ariani. Reason unknown.hahahah But not expensive ones. All below RM50 coz Ariani was on sale except for groom's side. Thank you B =)

4. Reception heels - I bought from Carlo Rino boutique in Midvalley. Will be worn for both receptions. 

5. Wedding hantaran - both sides settled. hoyeahhhh.

6. I also bought 3 cotton baju kurung from Jalan Tar. Quite cheap wehhhh. So I borong all.muehehehe except I didnt get to buy any tudung bawal. Must go there, again!

B has safely arrived in Bintulu. We didnt get to be all mushy or sappy coz Mom was there all the time.hahahaha 6 weeks left baby!!

p/s Oh gaji, why you no show yourself? T___________T

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