Tuesday, April 3, 2012


A live band performance by the students. Our team will enter the state level competition soon. Congrats!

I have yet to get my own MUET class to teach. and honestly, I miss teaching. I miss to conduct activities in class. I miss to speak proper English to the students. I miss teaching. Because of that, I channel that extra energy into my Civic Education class.

Today, I prepared powerpoint slides to teach the various kind of music and dances in Malaysia. Some of my colleagues were surprised to learn that I put soo much energy into this subject. well. 

Since the beginning, some teachers would laugh at my idea about teaching Civic. They said the subject is not important, students wont learn bla bla bla. At first, I thought what they said were true. However, almost 3 months into teaching this subject, Alhamdulillah my students look eager to learn. When I asked why, they told me they learned so many things, especially about different cultures through this subject. And that moment I felt like I've won something =)

So I guess is not that the students dont want or are not interested with the subject but it's due to the teachers. Just today I was told that some teachers who are responsible to teach this subject seldom enter the class. Or if they did, they just chatted through out the lesson. I'm not saying all. Only a few.

But when they coughed off my idea before this, I answered 'takpela, at least gaji aku berkat'. I believe it was the right answer but I think I've offended them. aigooo~

This is just my 2 cents. I think Civic is one of the ways to inculcate 1Malaysia spirit, to teach the students that they live in multicultural society, to change their mind set to accept other cultures, values and beliefs. The  thing that keep me going is the day i was offended by my students' comments about the people in Borneo. It showed how narrow minded they were about other people. They thought they only live among the Malays, Chinese and Indians.

Today when I showed them the Ngajat dance by the Ibans, I heard not a single offensive word. Instead they were fascinated about it when I explained the symbol of the dance.tee hehe he

Waaaahhh I've talked too much here. Last words, teachers, be responsible about your responsibility. Do your work properly.Dont steal bone hokeh!
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