Monday, April 23, 2012

Payless Shoestore Mahkota Parade

One of my daily doses is Kak Jumie. Her recent post was about a shoe shop, Payless.

Today, I had an impromptu trip to Bandar Hilir with Ziela the cousin after tahlil at nenek's house. I wanted to get a foot massage so off we went. 

After massage sesh followed by tea session, we wanted to go back but at the escalator, my eyes caught a glance at this newly opened shop with bright orange. The sun bright color was enough to seduce me to enter the women's sanctuary. Only then I noticed the shop name. hehe It's Payless.

I then dragged the cousin to enter the shop and gosh, it was indeed a heaven on earth. I swear I was drooling so much that the SA needed to mop the floor.haha

 I love the arrangement. You can try both shoes i.e. a pair instantly. No more hassle waiting for the SA to get the pair or need to face awkward moment when you decide not to buy any shoe.hahaha

That mysterious toe is not mine.hehe

The store caters shoe size from UK6 to UK11. I tried on soooo many pairs from flat, pumps, wedges (ooo i love wedges), sneakers, oxford, flip flops you name it.hehe

I tried on this shoes and all i can say, GAJI BILA NAK MASUK??!!!

Slipped feet into this and I feel like Kim K already.muahahaha

Tried this on but.... to high...

OPPSSS...before I forget, the price range for all the shoes is between RM70 - RM99. I couldnt find any shoes with the price more than RM99.

Both of us walked out of the store with a promise - to come back when we get the salary.hahahaha Ziela also found something that she liked so did I. hmm.... 

Will Wednesday bring happiness to me? We'll see.

credits: Payless Store

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