Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tudung Aidijuma

I was so frustrated when I didnt get to shop fpr tudung in Jalan TAR last week. To mend that broken hearted, I shopped virtually. I've been.eyeing the dual tone bawal since it came to famous last year but financial situation prevent me from splurging.

This time I couldnt handle it and with few clicks, my virtual cart was filled with 6 tudungs.muehehehe

Each tudung was priced at RM15 each except for one tone bawal at RM7.50. I'm happy with thw quality as it's not too soft or hard and easy to manage. I wanted to borong at Jalan Tar as the price was wayyyy cheaper but we didnt hv enough time.

Nehmind. I'm a happy and satisfied Bawal lovers. Heh

P/s tudung aidijuma is a brand by Datin Nurjuma Habib :-)
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