Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm nervous , the risik team is coming this Sunday!!!

Phone beeped:

Me: Helo B.
B: Syg, have something to tell you. Boh kitak terkejut
Me: Pa ya ka?
B: Guess how many people are coming for risik?
Me: *initially about 5-6, so i tot lesser are coming*..err 4?
B: 15 orang!!!!!!!!!


Seriously, like having 6 people staring at me isn't enough. Now another 9 are going to join the fun. Instantly, i got goose bumps OK! I called mak straight away to tell her the big news. I tot she might be surprised but you know what, she laughed!! Bole??? We talked for a while, discussing what menus to cook -- yes we are going to cook. Apparently the only thing that worries mum is not enough chair to eat at the dining table. So all guests have to eat on the floor. Cute nya mak aku.haha 

I have been preparing mentally that 6 people are coming you see. So such a short notice, I dont know how to handle 15 people coming to see me. Ceh, popular jap orang datang check me out.hahaha a lil bit stress because my skin tone is darker from the trip. Kulit kat muka macam bercepuk2. Malu mak nyah!

cant see the uneven skin tone. still wana put this picture.hahaha *belik mat muka pakai shawl*

Today B's mum is flying from Bintulu. B will be coming tomorrow and I;ll pick him up from LCCT. I tot want to go dating for a while since the change of plan, we will go for lunch together then I'll send him to Senawang. Head straight back home and help mum with the preparation.

My mind went like this =.='

Are you as nervous as I am???

Picture from Bharat Tea Plantation --- *breath in and out*


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