Monday, February 14, 2011


All in bullet points:

  • This morning sent myvi to workshop. Just now Abah and I was about to take the car using Nissan. But Nissan broke down. something is wrong with the gear. You know how much to fix it?? I know. My dad scratches his head. Pity Abah. 2 cars in a day.
  • Abah and Mak went to visit Adek at his new school yesterday. Mak said he seems happy. Good for you Adek. Hope you find your sense of belonging there =)
  • Arguments with Mak regarding hantaran has not subsided. Whenever the topic comes up, i feel frustrated. Because I cannot satisfy everyone. =(
  • Might have to find a new set of samples for EA. Dr Khaz didnt seem to be happy with the samples.
  • 2nd quiz for EA on Wednesday. Can I get higher than 6?
  • Argued with B last night. I feel like going through all the pressure alone.

I still have money in the bank. Food on the table. Family at home. And B across the sea. Whatever comes my way, I am going to be grateful =)


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