Sunday, February 13, 2011


Makes you wanna get married too, no? =p

Yesterday we went to attend Ain's sister's wedding in Wangsa Maju. Am proud of myself getting there without GPS. And with the help of Steve too.hehe ok I am not that good. I studied google map the night before.hehe

Here are some pictures:

Congratulations to Abg Hafiz and Kak Yen =)

Adik pengantin on far left.

Love this picture. nang emos klaka! hahah

After the wedding, we drove around KL - actually we didnt know how to turn back to Cheras. We passed by Sogo and instantly, "Jom pegi jalan Masjd India"!!! Off we went. Parked at Sogo. We were searching for our drama costumes. Searched it at Kajang and a bit pricy. We entered the first shop, Madras something. boy it was having sale!!  The saree worn by Leen below cost only RM62. in Kajang it costs RM100. Woot woot!!

the akka helped Leen to tie the saree. In 2 minutes, it's done. Simple rupanya pakai saree..

 We bought 4 kurtas, a saree and accessories. BTW, Ambun paid for the saree because he plans to give it to his sister later. And the kurtas were really cheap. The Anney (abg) who entertained us sukati jak tukar harga.haha we asked for discount and he changed the tag price. we really save a lot. One kurta is about rm20 jah. 

After that, we drove around KL and found KL Girl park!!! Ok, i was too excited when we saw the sign and shouted TOK KL GIRL PARK!!! Actually KL Bird Park.hihi the fee is RM20. Plan to go there sooooonnnn. Wanted to stop by TUGU NEGARA but terlepas simpang la pulekkk...

After that, went to Alamanda for dinner. Jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan. 

I bought chocolates for our hantaran. But I might change B's chocolate to Beryls Chocolate. Gonna find it in Sri Kembangan soon. oh yeah another road trip.

p/s bila la nak jumpa kasut cantik ni =.='


QieYaH said...

kilang coklat beryl sngt dekat ngn tmpt tinggal kmk time praktikum.hehe.

Nurul Razak said...

hi kak!! hehe nyem bah coklat ya. umah kawan kmk dekat sia juak. mun jumpanya mesti nya berik coklat ya.hehe

Sue Andy's said...

JJ A Keroh byk kasut nyem2

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