Monday, February 21, 2011

Is it wrong =(

Is it wrong:

  • if i keep quite whenever i feel tired?
  • if I choose to forget unhappy things?
  • if I want to go anywhere without telling anyone?
  • if I decide to dump friends who treated me like a door mat?
  • if I spend my money on food?
  • if I drive my car aimlessly?
  • if I use all my free time sleeping?
  • if I eat expensive food once a week?
  • if I let myself unwind sometimes?
  • if I read books twice a year?
  • if I prefer to clean than to cook?
  • if I drink plain water?
  • if I hate lipstick?
  • if I watch TV all day?
  • if I choose my friends?
  • if I like to watch the Kardashians?
  • if I speak my mind?

Sometimes people around ME ask very very stupid questions. AND MOST OF THE TIME I CHOOSE TO IGNORE.

p/s to you all stalkers, get a life. Why wasting your time stalking others lives when yours are pathetic?


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