Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mudahnya kau terasa

I write my mind dear readers. I dont know how to show. I write instead.

I dont understand why certain people still 'sentap' with me though most of the time I am talking about myself. Really I dont. You dont know me. But since young, i love to write. When I was happy, i wrote in my diary - yes i have diaries since primary school. when i was angry, i wrote in the book. Whenever I was feeling neglected, I wrote. and the practice continues till today.

I dont only write the feeling towards other people. but to myself. Kadang-kadang ada post yang emos tu bukan aku kutuk sapa2 pon. It's me!!! honestly. aku suka kutuk diri sendiri in writing. I dont do monologue. So bila orang nak terasa-terasa ni yang aku malas. kadang-kadang aku jadi blur bila orang bombard aku with questions why i write this, i write that. Yeah sometimes i did kutuk other people. But if i do, i will write directly. kalau macam ada subtle messages tu, i write for myself.

so no more sentap sentap dengan mak k nyah~~~ Lagi satu, kalau tak buat kenapa perlu sentap???? Fikir fikirkan yeeeeee


valentine87 said...

nyah...mak memang sokong koh....rasa sentap la..makan cili rasa pedasnya...naseb la...ada ku kesah...i'm britney Bitch~ haha

valentine87 said...
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