Saturday, February 26, 2011
I was tad emotional yesterday. Of course because I was tired. Dealing with unnecessary things when I have bigger matter to focus on made me angrier. I am OK now. I did lots of thinking last night. I am going to let everything go. Whatever that person wants to say about me, yes you go ahead. You wont tore me down dear =) Oh ya, whatever story i heard yesterday was my final straw. You know before this I heard many many different stories but I chose to ignore because I thought it was stupid to even bother. But i guess i was tired yesterday due to waking up early, going for drama practice, and did some dance routine till 1pm then didnt have time to take a nap then went to Faculty to meet the Dean. Then got class some more. So when you are tired, you get angry easily. So yesterday was my final straw. Eh no, i would say quarter final straw. You DONT want to see my final straw. alu kau quit belajar simok jumpa aku gik. Habis straw kau ku gigit kelak!!! hehe sekda ba.

Beginning of this semester I made promises to myself that I wont get myself into trouble with anyone. I just want to have fun. THIS IS MY FINAL SEMESTER!!! We should be hanging out together, go for trips and have fun. Not preparing knives to stab some one from behind. So what ever it is, let go. Be nice, be grateful. Eventhough they are people who's not happy with me, nothing i can do unless they come forward and tell me what is wrong with me.

Speaking about trips, I am looking forward to enjoy my self at the waterfall. Playing laser tag. Eat good food *did I mention I gain 2kgs?* shit. what ever. Meeting B this afternoon. hihi


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