Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another one's getting engaged!!

Good morning everyone!!! *ignore the lame post this morning*

I have another news to share. Definitely a good one!!! DIERA IS GETTING ENGAGED TOOOOO!!!!!

Far left: Diera!!!

Last Thursday was Anis's engagement. And on that day too I was told that Diera is getting engaged this JUNE. And her wedding is planned at the end of this year. How exciting is that???? how la how la. ok over excited.haha Though she is the 3rd to get engaged in line, she's getting married first.hehe Best nya banyak sepupu sama umur. Lepas ni sama2 dapat baby pulak.haha

Diam diam je minah ni.

Happy ok. Many many gatherings this year with family =)


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