Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My brother in SBPI Jempol now!

Yesterday, my parents and I went to Batu Kikir Negeri Sembilan to send my brother to his new school. He got admitted to SBP Integrasi Jempol which took appx 1 hour drive from home. Initially my parents were not keen with the idea to go to school that far but my brother insisted. If you know him, his choice kinda appalled my parents and me also. Anyway, my parents relented and off we went.

AR - Asyraf Razak

The sun was still hiding when we left.

arrival: the school field

The girls' hostel

The boy who refused to look at the camera

The flow during registration

The offer letter. Am proud of you adik!

Hostel schedule from Monday- Friday

On Saturday

The girls' hostel entrance. So much like my school =)

The surau

The basketball field is just next to the boys' hostel

The entrance

The masterpiece on the mattress.

I doubt it was this neat everyday. maybe only for yesterday.haha talking bout experience.

FORM 5 yang diva!

View from top floor. They have dobi service which is not fair. during my time, we did the washing on our own!

They spell 'baru' as 'baharu' now? BM is complicated *sigh*

I thought integrasi school is the integration of many races. Nope. I was wrong. This type of school integrate many streams like Agama+ Science + Technical. 0000000)

Taklimat for parents

My dad watched LIV vs Chelsea the night before. He couldnt help himself from passing out few times. My mom and I couldnt stop giggling watching him.hahaha sorry abah!

Basically, this school reminds me a lot to my time when I was in SMKAM. Really. Oh I miss my school. Oh, my bro's school has separate hall for dining. The girls and the boys dont eat in the same hall. boo hoo. tak dapat tengok awek!!haha during my time, masa makan is one of the most anticipated activity of the day. You could check out on boys. See whether your boyfriend was eating or not. Kalau tak, pegi canteen beli makanan pastu time prep bagi.ceh ceh ceh..caring la kan..hahahahha


oh before we left for my brother to embark on his new journey, my mum kissed him on both cheeks and hugged him. Habis la tak macho jadi anak mak.haahahaha 

and now the house feels empty without him. I have no one to bully. Especially to help me with the preparation. And the chances for him to be on my e-day is very very thin. T___T.


Anonymous said...

aauww...so sweet..tat's the nicest thing to have a younger brother rite..hehe..visha

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