Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Best of Both Worlds

Since the drop of the news, I'm healing, accepting the fact that maybe I have to ask for transfer to Bintulu. I grew up in Sarawak, I have no problem living there. I speak the general language, I eat most of the food, I know basically the culture. and I have friends there too. Just the thought of living my parents... hmm but to be fair, B must have felt the same things too if we were to settle down in Peninsular. Plus, he's the only child!hehe

Right now we just have to make the best of both worlds. Apart from leaving my parents, I hate the thought of leaving my work place, my crazy colleagues too. and yeah, hard to admit, my students. I work in the best school where I have learnt a lot and still craving for more. and when the situation got tough, I had the best work buddies who shared the same feelings too. The school has accepted me well. The clerks, the colleagues, the gardener and even the Principal whom is called Boss. Boss helped me through B's application for transfer too. That's why am so emotional because I feel needed at the school.huhu

To be fair, B also has a set of friends that I would say the best. Because they are crazy, playful, hardworking and super supportive. B has never told anyone about his application but once the news broke, none of them condemned what he did, instead words of encouragement were passed. They understand our long distance situation, they understand how stressful it is can be when you are away with the spouse. B loves his buddies. and I know he must have torn between me and the friends.

We both have strong reasons to hang on. But we have stronger reason which is to live together. =))

Let's pray for the both worlds. The Urea expert and the English teacher!
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