Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rindu Part 2

'no matter how expensive the pillow is, it could never be as comfortable as my husband's shoulder'.

I was blog-hopping when I encountered those words. Mula la mata ni rasa nak banjir-banjir je.. I have trouble sleeping lately. Discomforts and trips to the bathroom 2-3 times at night have been a daily routine. I'm not being romantic. B's shoulder is as hard as a rock but it is the most comfortable pillow for me. or his thigh. or the best one; his tummy. hahaha 20 days since I last saw him. Be strong Nurul!

Sometimes, it's not I want to be immature, whining because I cant see him. I got friends who always told me I'm lucky that I'm staying with my parents, they are more couples outside who live apart from the spouses and family. I know that. But sometimes, when time gets hard, I need somebody to reason with me, to tell me everything is okay, things will get better. My parents and I are casual. I have never discussed anything too personal with them. So it's hard to explain how I really feel to them. It's just they way we are. Even when I wanted to get married, I told mom 'Mak nak kawen' and she asked 'When?'. Our conversations were always direct. tak pernah la ada selami perasaan gituuuhhhh.heheh

Or when I told mom about B's application to transfer got denied, I told her 'Mak sepul tak dapat pindah' then I cried. Mom just said 'takpela takde rezeki'. No hugs no kisses. I'm not complaining tho. Mom was raised like that and that's how she raised me. We are that simple. But i know she loves me.hehehe

Back to the story, being away from the husband is hard. Even boyfriend-girlfriend tak jumpa pun dah jiwang semacam, ini pulak laki bini khennnnnn. 

Nasibla, I kan ratu recycle gambar.hahaha

B, We miss you.
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