Friday, December 28, 2012


Earlier this month, B followed us back to mom's kampung in Kedah. We stayed there for one night only because B came back just for a short trip. Anyhoo, before we went back to KL, I drove B around Gurun town, just to check out if our future lies in the small, quiet town.heheh anyhoo, I used Jeniang -  Gurun road. It was a 2-lane road with no speed limit sign anywhere.

I drove around 90-100km/h when I noticed a policeman about 50m in front of me. I slowed down but I guess it was too late. Because yesterday, Mom received THE LETTER. Dang!!!

 I'm sorry I've done everything but this picture just wont rotate =__='

Before I pay this summon, to Kedah state, please please please please put up the speed limit sign. I remembered asking B if he hd seen any sign. I also remembered driving around 80 - 90 -100 km/h coz i wasnt sure the limit.hehe

Apparently the speed limit was 60km/h. Kamonnnn...this is not jalan kampung!

Ok bai!

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