Saturday, December 15, 2012

Melt away

During this school holiday, I received many facebook requests from whom I believe were my students.haha even without using real pictures or name (in school, I am known as Ain), they could find me. These kids are soooo perseverance. So today I tot I might as well use real profile picture.haha just fyi, my stand is never add any student into the friends' list coz I've seen cases of abuse of privacy i.e. pictures by the students. just want to be careful.

Anyhoo, I wanted to have B and I to be in the profile picture. So I digged out B's photo collection. And found one, that melt me heart away...

Taken in 2010. He went to study in Terengganu and after that doing his intern at his current workplace now. While he was in Bintulu, he lost so much weight coz he just couldnt get Tganu's food except Lekor.haha so he was thin. I izz melt okay. Anyhoo, I didnt use this as profile picture. Too cheesy doncha think? =P

But I like him now. Coz he's so huggable.hehehe

Ok bye!
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