Thursday, December 27, 2012

Murtabak Maggi senang and sedap

Yezzaaaaa Internet has finally gone back to normal.hehe the other day, my bro and I were watching tv when we both got hungry. It was around tea time.hehe so I wanted to try the new recipe I learnt from my cousin Diera a while back. lets cekidauttttt!

A heads up for you: this is not a nutritious meal. Try at own risk.hehehe

What chu need are: a pack of curry maggi, shallot, chilli and 2 eggs. 
 Boil the mee then toss the water. Meanwhile, slice the shallot and chilli.

Then mix the mee, shallot, chilli and eggs. and oh half a packet of maggi perencah. dang! my english is rusty...

Heat the non stick pan then just booshhhh everything onto the pan. Ala-ala telur dadar gituh

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa! Fry till it becomes quite crispy. Serve with sauce. My cousin served us with sambal ikan bilis. lagi giler sedap.hhehe

Happy trying! =)))
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