Thursday, December 6, 2012

Garfield in real!

On my final night in Sibu, B's auntie invited us for a dinner at their crib. A week living with take-aways and fast food, I craved for real home-cooked meal.hehe So I was looking forward for that night. B's aunt and uncle are fond of cats. They have several fat furry cats that look like furballs.haha but that night, only Bony was around coz the rest were taken to Kuching.

The name is Bony which is so ironic. Not boney at all. Should have called him Furball.haha

After he got tired playing with human, he just lied down and slept!!! tengah-tengah jalan terkangkang.hahahaha

I didnt play with him coz he bites. he bit FIL's hands quite deep.

The tissue box as a benchmark of its size.hahah serious very fat and furry.

This cat is just like garfield. He moves slowly and lazy. He was sleeping when suddenly he woke up and went to a spot.Closing his eyes, he enjoyed the aircond blew on to his face.hahaha series cute. with all the fly away fur.siap kepala tu pusing left and right. like iklan shampoo.

B likes cat. He wants to have some when we have our own home. I dont really like cats. any animals actually. But I'll compromise.hehe

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