Monday, December 17, 2012

4 hours after that

It's been 4 hours since we received the news. I would say I'm okay now. My parents have been told about this and as usual they are super supportive. This morning I admit I wanted to rage, I wanted to slap the bosses' faces and I even prayed their children would experience what we have been through too. Astagfirullah.

This could be another blessing in disguise. I have slowly healed, though it's too fast. I need to heal fast. I need to accept this plan made by Allah and act maturely. B needs me. He doesnt need my whining, crying, throwing tantrum like a small girl. We are both in this together. We will work it out.

I think the next step is me applying for transfer. The chances are small but still it counts. It's hard to ask for transfer when the school lacks of subject teacher. What ever it is, I'll leave it to Allah as He is the best planner of all.

So Bintulu, are you ready to have me join the community? hee

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