Sunday, December 16, 2012


I've been lazy. But I still need to ngerepak.haha So lemme k? =p

1. The other day I went out with m cousin wearing my poplook blouse and a shawl. Before we went back, we entered Carlo Rino boutique at Mahkota Parade. The SA there suddenly asked where I came from. I told her I'm from Melaka. Then she said: Oh I tot you are from KL coz you dress like KL girl.hahahahahah then my cousin rolled on the floor laughing (ok tipu) and said 'KL ke? Dio orang Londu der!!" hahahahahahahahhaahhaha

2.Two days ago I changed my FB profile picture. It's an old picture, taken about a month after we got married. our jalan2 at Melaka City.hehe The picture received 19 likes. haha Leen said it's kinda exclusive coz I seldom upload any picture of us together. Dunno why. I seldom did that when we were dating, and even after we got married, I find it cheesy. Boleh gitu??

3. Since school holiday started, I've been crazy about Penny dresses from Poplook. Matilaaaa.... It all started when I bought a Penny-look-alike and wore it to Kuching reception. B loved to see me in that so I think I went overboard and bought another 4. I insisted buying every design - plain, polkadot and patterned that made B scratched his head. Even my mom is at lost seeing the constant visit of a mail man delivering my parcels. muahaha so far I've only worn 3 of the dresses. But no picture to share. blerghhh

4.I dont know why but I feel my posts about me pouring my thoughts might have hurt somebody. I'm truly sorry for that. I was a mess, with the hormones raging for Miss Red's visit, with the uncertainties of our future are sometimes too much for me. I wont ask you to be in my shoes but a little understanding will do. I would suggest you to be in the shoes of people in Gaza, in Syria or the parents of shooting incident in the US. They could be facing bigger obstacle than me.

I dont go to people crying, telling my problem. I just need a little space to pour my thoughts and I will be fine sooner than you think. My problem isnt that big tho. Just a tiny speck on the face of the earth.

I have a husband. We cant live together. Well that's my problem.hahaha seee, very simple. Nothing much.

Ok la. I miss him. But not sure when we'll see each other. might be next month. Might be in February. But for sure I'll see him in March. We'll go jalan2 weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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