Saturday, December 22, 2012

My First Time

Mom was working today as her school was having book sales for students. That could mean one thing which I was left to prepare lunch. We had nothing in the fridge except two siakap fishes. The problem was, they werent cleaned yet.

I have never cleaned a large fish. So of course I was having difficulties. Lie to you not, in the process of cleaning the two fishes, I cried a lil bit, cut my fingers and called out for mom several times. HAHAHA I cried because it was soooo hard to cut open the fishes and cleaned the guts. ewwww in the process of struggling with knife and a pair of scissors, I cut my fingers with the fishes' scales and what's that..sirip. I did feel like I was doing experiment, cutting open the fishes. hahaha I called out for mom because if she was around, I wouldnt have to go under the torture. I took almost 1 hour for 2 medium size fishes.huhuhu

Anyhoo, I steamed one fish for lunch. Ikan Siakap Stim. Basically, I made this just to use all the left overs vege in the fridge.hehe

Thanks fish. A great experience for me indeed.

p/s After all the dramas with the fishes, I called B and wanted to make a deal with him. When we live together, he will do all the fish cleaning.haha But of course he said no. He said 'dua-dua buat'....hmphhhh..

p/p/s on a different note, we made a deal tt if we ever have children in the future, he is going to do all the poop cleaning. WINNN!!!!! HHAHAHAHAH
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