Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Asamboi Buah Pear

Let's talk about something not depressing shall we?eheh

When I was in Sibu, B and I together with parents in law went to attend a wedding in Lanang. A usual wedding where I found something unusual. Once we arrived, I noticed that most guests' fingers were reddish at the tip. I tot to myself they must have had malam berinai or something with the inai stain left on their finger tips.

So after greeting few relatives around, we moved towards the buffet area. Usual dishes till I saw something so brightly red in one of the containers. They looked like potato wedges, dipped in bright red color. I had never seen it before the day. I skipped it and went to find a spot to eat. After I finished with my plate, Mom in law came and showed me her plate, with the red food on it. It's MIL so couldnt refuse..hahahah so I took one wedge and bit the tip. Emmm...nyemmm....another big bite, munch munch and before I knew it, I almost finished all the red stuff.hahahahahaha

I asked B what was it. He said, it's pear, the fruit, mixed with asamboi. Donno the real name tho. But they call it Asamboi Buah Pear. A perfect dessert. I was told it would taste better when it's served cold.huhu.

So I googled about it but couldnt find many info. Here's the recipe. It's super duper easy to prepare. Follow the formula and you are done!

Pear + asamboi, stir stir tadaaa!!!!!

Recipe and picture were taken from here

Haishhh terliur pulak tengok gambar..Must prepare this one of these days....

Anyhoo, happy trying! =)))
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