Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello from kk

i miss blogging.but our constant moving from a place to another forbids me from updating or rambling on blog.hehe since the akad,i couldnt get a hold to any phone is my savior.sayang phone.

we have been on the go since last week. 3 nights in kuching,3 nights in sibu,one night in bintulu. we'll be spending 3 nights here at the land below the wind. what's fun since last week is that we didnt stay at the same place for more than 2nights.hhe there were kind hearted people sponsoring rooms at the hotel or opening their door for us to stay.or homestay.

though i enjoy the shift but it's started to take its toll on me n b.we are always tired (epppp dont think dirty alrite.miss red is in town.ahaha). we cud almost fall asleep instantly anywhere.

today we r driving up to the highland, Kundasang n will be spending a night's a two hour drive journey. my hero needs more sleep.

have a great day people.i try to shove off the tot that holiday is coming to its end. sik best!!
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