Monday, June 11, 2012


I'm back in Melaka. B is in Bintulu.

Yesterday I tot I would cry at the airport. I didnt. I tot he would look sad too. He didnt. I was too tired.haha and he had an urgency to go to the toilet.hahahahaha

I am on CRK today. I'm so glad I did. Need a day off to sort back my life. My room is a mess. The house is a mess too. I need to go to Majlis Agama Islam too because B's ic on the marriage cert is wrong. haish.

And I need to catch up on RUnning Man.hehe

We are still not sure when we'll meet again. He is now busy with work for plant shut down stuffs. Unlike usual day shift, he'll work 6 days per week. Me kenot go there since this month I'll be packed with school sports day.

Hope to see him before Ramadhan. And also during ramadhan.hehe

The other day a friend asked me, what have I cooked for him since the wedding.

A cup of maggi cup.hahaha

I have no time or opportunity yo!
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