Tuesday, June 26, 2012


How do you pronounce that?muahahah

I was doing school work this evening when my eyes stuck at the date shown on the laptop. 26 June. Hmm.... something is familiar with that number 26. then... tinggg!!!

 I ran into the room where my phone at and called B. Dial tone... then heard his voice. Then I said,

'hby hby hby hby hby hby hby'

many times until the call was disconnected. Usual problem with touch phone screen if you have plump cheek.hahahahahha

Called his number again. Then I asked him what's the date today, what's the significance for the day. A man he is, he couldnt answer. Then half shouted, I said 'Happy 1 month anniversary!!!'

You know what was his reaction?

'Cheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it tot I miss somebody's birthday'


Anyhoo, it's been a month ride. I still feel like we are dating. not feeling all wifey yet. The only change I realise issssss I'm not as stubborn as before.hahaha but realli. Everytime I feel like making a scene, I would think 'gosh, my heaven is under his feet now'.

Lame but true.hehe now if I wana go rayau-rayau also I would text him asking for permission. Though I'm 99% he wont against it, I just feel I need to ask. weird.

We really really really really should start taking pictures together. Haish. I dont have that many recent pictures of us. Now have to use these babies to make this post less lame.

Adam and Ikha at Wisma Sanyan in front of Speedy. They were oblivious of the surrounding watching cartoon. They sure caught many attention for a while there. hahahaha

Haish now I miss the babies too. 

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