Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Comfort Zone

When I just came to this school, I was told to teach form 6. MUET specifically. I didnt have the nerve to argue back with the principle and took it as a challenge. Few days in school, I was bombarded about how challenging it would be to teach these young adults. Inexperienced I was, I got scared. And my self esteem almost hit zero.

A cluster school. The school is one of the best schools in Malaysia to further pre-u. No wonder our students came as far as Pahang, Johor, KL leaving their family behind. Their target: to get the best education. From these lil info, I know that the students' expectations are high. Towards the learning environment at the school. and especially, the teacher.

I'm doing my hands-on right now which is teaching. From the past 4 months, I was in my comfort zone where I seldom got the chance to teach. The school was allocating the Lower 6 for me. I followed my mentor to her class and observed how she taught MUET. I had the time of my life.haha and now, I'm on my own. I got 2 classes: from Arts and Science streams.

It's scary. Especially among the Science stream kids. These are advanced students who scored many many As in their spm. And they meant business! As for the Arts, I have imbalanced level in English proficiency. I have the weakest (who fails his English paper for SPM) and many many from IJC - another cluster school (niche area is English). So I'm still finding the right way to teach because I couldnt teach very basic simple as it will bore the advanced kids and vice versa. Plus my Arts total up to 61 kids in one lesson.

Anyhoo, it's time for me to step out from the comfort zone. 

My Arts group is too big. I'm facing problem to find a suitable place to cramp them in and also trouble in marking. The principal is aware of this and they might split the class soon. They take away my Civic class (hooreyyyy) and will replace those periods with English Form 2. So I'll be teaching Form 2. Hmm.... Another challenge as I am too comfortable teaching young adults.hahahaha

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