Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My wedding dress (s)

I had 3 wedding dresses. One belongs to me. the other two were rental.hehe I have love hate relationship with all the dresses.

Solemnization dress.

I forked out own money for this dress. The material is beaded chiffon bought at Gulati's Jalan TAR. Actually I wanted to buy from Jakel but I was confused between Euromoda and err...something Moda which turned out to be Gulati's. Nehmind la. still love the dress though.haha it's a modern kurung with lining. I love the dress coz it fits nicely. Not too tight not too loose either.Just nice. And super comfy too!

What I hate about the dress is the color. Dirts are easily spotted. We had outdoor shoot at a bushy area. At the end of the day down part of my skirt collected dirt. nangis mak ok! But honestly, among the 3 dresses, I love this the most. andddd it's mine.muehehehe

we all mengharungi semak samun for outdoor photoshoot.luckily I didnt choose reception day for outdoor. After nikah off we went.

muka with no make up. the night after the photoshoot. 

Since I love the dress too much, have to paste 3 pictures.haha

Lendu Reception Dress

The only thing I love about this dress is the color. The rest...nahhh! It's too heavy, the train is too long for my liking. I specifically told the bridal that I want a one-piece dress with NO TRAIN! and simple beadings on the chest area. I got a total opposite. But I was too happy on the day that I ignored the blerghh feeling. I feel like the dress made me look fat. and the fact that I always hunch my back didnt help at all. I tried to find any picture of me carrying the train in my hands but couldnt. bottom line, i dont like the dress.

The train is about 1 meter long *nangis* at the end of the day I had to carry it around like a handbag.

see, i'm a hunchback. My auntie always reminded me: Nurul, tegak sikit,tegak! jgn bongkok.haha i think i look fat. and short too. well let's face it. I memang short.muehehe

Sibu Reception Dress

The 2nd dress that I love after baju nikah. It's newly made for me by the bridal in Sibu. The first time I laid my eyes on it i was in loveeee.haha I went for dress fitting the night before the reception. Arangg, the bridal manager tailored the dress according to my baju. it's a bit loose i.e. I've lost some inches.muehehehe

I love the color which is turquoise, the detailing and the cutting. A one-piece dress that made me feel like a pwincess that day. auuu!

it has a half feet length train =)

alrite that's all the story of love-hate relationship with my dresses. If I could turn back time, I want to go back on the day of the solemnization.heeee

Have a great day everyone!
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