Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Photobooth

I dont dream for my wedding. and pretty much everything for my wedding was decided by Mom. You could dig out past entries about how I surrendered to all mom's demands and let her decide everything.

However, there's this one element that I tot would make the reception merrier. PHOTOBOOTH corner!!!!  MUEHEHEHE

At first I tot of candy buffet but the problem is the weather could be too hot and melt all the chocolates. and also it needs somebody to be in charge. I dont want any member of my family to be 'cuffed' at the same area. I want them to walk around, chit chatting with other family members and have a good time. So one day I came across this idea, about photobooth. and the story continued from there.

I want to thank Diba and Saiful (not my B tho..haha) for all the hustle driving from KL and got lost finding my  house. Your service brought smiles to the guests and family members. All the smiles in those polaroid films sometimes brought tears to my eyes. I'm not kidding! I'm touched to see the happy faces and all the wishes and prayers from parents, family and friends. Thank you so much!!


Adik beradik antara penyumbang wajah terbanyak.haha

The guestbook. Included in the package =)

This is a picture of me and the bridesmaids - iera and sally. The left this on the dressing table before the left. Nangis sikit tengok kesucian wajah kami.muahahaha makseh tokrang!!

Howeverrrrrrrrr, there's one little problem. I ordered 50 polaroid films. After the reception, I counted how many were pasted in the guestbook. The number is close to 40. About 10 films went missing. huhu I guessed some were too excited to have their own pic in the film so they took it with them. Neh mind. At least I know people were interested. This includes my mom-in-law. I remembered we took a photo, B,me, MIL and FIL. But the photo wasnt in the book. When I was in Sibu, mom-in-law showed me the photo. She keeps it in her purse. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Ok diam nurul!hahaha

Alrite,if any of you are itching for the people who are responsible to contribute to making the wedding merrier, here are the details.


Contact No: 0162065767 


1.renting polaroid camera
2.renting easel /art stand
3.canvas printing
4.package renting easel & canvas printing
5.sell easel/art stand
7.renting backdrop (1,2 or 3 panel)
8.DSLR package
10.shoot & photobook

Descriptionklang valley,selangor (They charged RM70 to Melaka) 

I can guarantee that you will not regret it. =)

p/s All pictures credit to THEPHOTOBOOTHCORNER

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