Thursday, June 14, 2012


Before I got married, whenever I got teased about the long distance marriage from colleagues, I would laugh it off. I didnt think anything would change after the wedding. I am living with my parents till today. B is in Bintulu. I never thought that my life would feel so lonely and empty without him.

I still come home after school to see mom and abah at home. Mom still cooks for me. Basically my daily routine hasnt change a single bit. Just like when I was an anak dara.

But I feel terrible everyday. Because I miss him so much. Please dont think dirty. It's nothing like that.

I hate it when the male colleagues made dirty jokes about me and him. I either ignored or faked a smile. 'Go home and fak your wife pleaseeee' has always been my mental come back for them. Isokay to joke like that among males, among your type. Not for me, especially not in front of other female colleagues. Senior female colleagues. And NOT MY MENTOR IN A 100 YEARS!

Ok. I feel better getting out what ever was  in my head.

Yesterday,I bought a return ticket to Bintulu. I'm broke. To be honest, I'm flat broke. No saving, no money. I'm hanging on till 25th June.hehe Back to the story, I bought the ticket because I couldnt bear to not being with him.

Saiful Fikri, you are terribly missed =(

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