Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reception in Sibu =)

A week after the reception in Melaka, we had another one for the groom's side in Sibu. The Razak's flew all the way from KL to Kuching then to Sibu to merry the celebration. The style was a bit different there. The occasion went for about 2 hours only, unlike the usual 6 hours in Melaka.hehe andddd the bride and groom arrived wayyyy earlier than the guests. The trend is all the guests and the newly weds will sit and eat together-gether.

when we arrived, there was no kompang. I looked so serene and calm here but actually I was cursing inside. My train got stuck at the car door.miahahahah MIL was had to behave.hahahaha

We arrived early to thank and welcome the guests =)

The dais. pwetty!

Alright, once all the guests were seated, it was time for our lil parade. Behind us was not the bride's family. Because my family was ushered to their respective tables before the event started. The groom's family joined the parade.

At the dais. The MC read about both bride and groom's biographies. A lil bit history of how we met each other. Then the tepong tawar started. We didnt have tepong tawar in Melaka so I kinda enjoyed this.hehe only that the water stained my dress.

ok dah penat salam salam it's time for makannnnnnn. I looked grumpy. ekceli I was trying to peel the shrimp kulit using fork and spoon. =.='

The whole clan from Melaka. =)

Not even half of the clan from Sibu.hehe cousin mousin suma tak naik lagi waktu ni.

Ikha as usual was inspecting. Actually she was intrigued by the train. rasa macam suma benda dia nak langgar.hahahah

The event started about 10am and by 11.30 am the hall was almost empty. by 11.55am the bridal crew came and took down the clothes for the background and the flowers. and they changed them into peach color for another reception at 2pm. That fast so I didnt really get to feel all bridey.haha

That's the end for Sibu Reception.

Apart from the reception. I got to experience another culture, eh not culture. ermm..practise maybe where the night before the reception/wedding, the family will held an event call 'bermukun'. 

A group of people will play the instruments for bergendang event. Then they will berbalas nyanyian between female and male singers. Almost like Dondang Sayang melaka. The lyrics will tease and sometimes critic both genders which is fun.

The guests/relatives are welcomed to dance too!

And of the course the bride was the person they wanted to see dancing. We just arrived from kuching so pardon the selekeh face.and oversize shirt.muahaha At that time B was hiding because he didnt want to join. =.='  but not for long baby!

He came out from hiding then got caught by me. mana boleh i sorang2 hoccay. terpaksalah kan tho macam kayu.hahahaha

Like I said, bermukun happened the night before the reception. There was another gathering happened the night AFTER the reception.

Karaoke yall!!!!

And again, we were forced to sing a song before we cabut. B and I planned to stop by for a while (we stayed at the hotel for 2 nights) and left. But of the course we were caught to sing before we were let go.huhu they wanted us to sing Ombak Rindu but honestly I dont know the song (i seldom listen to Malay songs) so B and I settled for Kau Mawarku. The note was too high for me so I ended up singing only several parts. Yelah Siti Nurhaliza vs Siti Nurul Ain. mana boleh!

After the lame show from us, we bid goodnight and returned to the hotel. Perantin penat hoccay! 

Anyhoo, those experiences are valuable and I might not have the chance to go through anymore. =)))))

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