Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ayfa Nazneen

Alhamdulillah, on Monday morning, our family welcomed another bundle of joy, Ayfa Naznee, baby sister of Adam =)))

it's either the camera hates me or i'm just not photogenic. I always look exaggerated when posing. that's why I hate taking pictures =___=

Without the cap. Sleeping so quietly. I tried everything to wake this sleeping beauty but she couldnt care less . HAISH!

This manja boy is an elder brother now. He was sulking because his abah left him at home while he went to see the mother. He was sleeping and when he got up, abah wasnt home.hahahaha Toughen up Adam! You are big brother now!

Anyhoo, Ayfa looks so much like Adam when Adam was just born. Except Adam was chubbier =)

This was Adam...few days old. Tak nampak sangat but if you see Ayfa in real, she really looks like Adam. Namepun adik beradik ape? haha

Maklang is happy =)))

p/s andofthecoz people asked: Maklang bila lagi? Tunggu la ai order kat burung. esok lusa ada la baby dropped in front of my door k? =)

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