Saturday, November 3, 2012

School Trip with 14 year-old boys

I was one of the teachers who were responsible to go for a school trip to Terengganu with 36 Form 2 boys. The objective was to visit PKG Tok Jiring in Kuala Terengganu as the place had an English Theme Park. The Park had several stations for english games bla bla bla.

Please dont expect any picture because I didnt take any. I went there as part of the job and did not go wholeheartedly. In fact, the whole time when I was there was spent praying that time would pass so fast and I would be back in Melaka.

Anyhoo, this was my first school excursion as a teacher not a student. So I had few fun moments with them. Please be informed that for some of the boys, this was their first trip outside of the state, first trip without parents, first trip staying at a hotel, first trip on their own. hahaha

We went there on Monday night with the school bus. We left the school compound at 10pm. The bus first stop was at Tangkak petrol station to refill. For some of the boys, the petrol station was like Jusco for them.hahahahahaha they splurged on junk food, bags of chips and can drinks. haish.. in the 8hours journey, most of them did not sleep at all. They were chatting, playing phone games, singing (=___='), eating. We arrived at Kuala Terengganu around 6am. zzzzzz....

Let's skip the visit to the PKG and go straight to hotel check-ed in. It was a small hotel, small entrance. The boys...ahhh let's say..I wish I was not there.some of their acts were too embarrassing especially when people were looking. It took some times to check in because of our big number. Once it was settled, off everyone to their respective rooms. I tot they would be tired and nap. Boy I was wrong.

It was a long day for me. hahahahaa at the hotel, the boys were screaming, running along the corridor, went in and out their friends' rooms, knocked on the door, played with the door bells. Initially, I was pissed and of course, malu also la coz am the teacher. after a while, lantak pi la. as long as no tenant would complain.

Not only their friends' rooms, they also knocked on my door, played with my door bell, called my name..if you have watched Hantu Kak Limah before, there was a scene where Johan and Usop were calling Awie from outside the house.

a scene before this one. Couldnt find the specific scene.

And they called me around 10.30pm while I was sleeping. But because they mimicked the scene, terus tak jadi marah, rasa nak gelak adala.hahahahaha I survived the night.

The following day, we went to Taman Tamadun Islam and before we went back to Melaka, we stopped to buy keropok lekor. Ya Allah bebudak ni beli keropok...they spent the remaining pennies buying all the keropok at few shops. Sampaikan Teacher Ain ni tak sempat nak beli.. T___T. I managed to buy only 2 packs of keropok lekor,,,the rest were bought by the students. Berebut-rebut...

On the way back, on the bus, I tot they would be sleeping like logs. Again I was wrong. They stocked up on can drinks and junk food, Some of them I think had sugar rush. Active and noisy.....till we arrived at the school compound around 11.30pm...

Indeed it was a tiring trip but I did enjoy a lil bit especially with the boys.hahaha But I hope there will be  no more trips to the east coast.hehe unless, I'm going there with B. B, can we go to Perhentian Island, orrrr Redang Island..pleasssseeeeeeee???
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