Saturday, November 10, 2012

Maggi Goreng sedap giler!!!

So I went home from work one day. It was raining the whole day and I was starving. We had nothing in the fridge except frozen meat. So I asked my brother how he made Maggi goreng the other day coz it tasted soooo goooodddddd.

Of course he explained it well but the lazy me decided to force him to cook for me. muahahahahahaha.

A nice brother he is, he did!

Unlike the usual dry maggi goreng, his version was wet err....not wet..err....

What you need is a pan. Pour 3/4 cup of water and wait till it boils. then add in the mee.

Wait for the mee to soften and stir like in the picture. Add the seasoning- the perencah la and kacau-kacau some more. By the time you kacau-kacau, most of the water would have dried up, leaving you maggi goreng moist and sticky. LOVE!

I know the picture isnt tempting but trust me, super sedap!

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