Monday, November 26, 2012

Suprise of the Day

Today unlike usual I was among the last pax to disembark the plane. Because my cabin bag was super heavy i didnt want to look like a fool balancing my cute body with the bag.hahaha

I took the bag from the overhead compartment and as expected i looked like a fool that i used the head with 2hands to balance the bag. Alu senget2 tudung yg memang dh senget.hahaha

So slowly walked to the terminal and went straight to the coupon taxi counter. B was working so he couldnt fetch me. While queing at the counter i Took out my phone,changed the plane mode, waited to get the signal then texted B about my arrival.

Hit send button, looked up and there he was standing and smiling in his super bright yellow coverall. Of course i was over the moon!! I was super hungry that i didnt shout.
B has the best working colleagues and Boss. The boss let him out for awhile and the colleagues helped to cover his area while he's out surprising me. Super supportive! Thanks Babyboo! You made my day.

He sent me to Tunehotel, checked in and then left for work again.

Little things count!


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