Friday, November 2, 2012


So Air Asia is having their famous free seat promotion. And because of this too, I've burned not a hole in my pocket, but my bank too T____T.

Hamek kau sebesarnya aku letak =)

Trust me, I didnt not plan at all to even bother about this free seat Honestly. However, on Monday morning, as usual I woke up at 5am, with Alex-the-lion hair, I went facebooking. There were many shared-s on FB about this free seat promotion and I thought to myself, 'There's no harm by checking out'. So I click the link I did and 10 minutes later I found myself in...well, the last page of payment.hahahahahha

So this time, I bought a return ticket for B and I toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..........


Ok Bandung je pon, Rilek la eksaited bagai apesal =..='

Alrite before we all get too excited, this trip might be cancelled last minute because...I might be involved in extra class for mid year school holiday. Yerpppp! I took the risk of buying it because for 2 pax return tickets to Bandung I spent ONLY RM190! yess that cheap. So one person about RM95. If let say the extra class is on, Bye bye Bandung. Hello Form 3 kids! (I'll be teaching Form 3 next year).

And I also bought another return ticket for Mom =))))). She has been asking me to accompany her to Bandung since forever. I felt guilty for it so I bought one for her. Cant wait to go Jalan2 with mom. yippeee! Mom will arrive a day later than us. I bought her later that afternoon and when I checked, the price already went up to RM233 one way. So I bought her the following day which was RM30 onleyhhhhh. If the trip is confirmed, and if I have extra rezeki, I will buy a new ticket for her so that she will travel on the same flight with us. =)) InsyaAllah.

After this trip, B and I might go to Bandung again end of next year, this time we will bring my in-laws pulak =))) When you are married, be fair to both families. InsyaAllah =)

I bought this Bandung trip ticket without telling B. I asked him to check his email then only he found out.hahahaha he's excited of course but he said, please no more surprise. Too much travelling he said. hahaha

p/s I burned my pocket not because of these tickets only. because another ticket I bought for early December to Sibu. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ticket to Sibu so expensive?? *nangis* anyhoo, I'm going to Sibu for B's friend's wedding reception and also my mom-in-law is making Mee Jawa especially for me.tee hee hee! She wanted to prepare mi jawa for Raya Haji but she is postponing it till I get back. awwwww =))
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