Sunday, November 18, 2012

School mates are the craziest

So yesterday my ex-schoolmates, Iera shatiti and Paus came to visit me in Melaka. Ok tipu. Came to visit Suzi's dotter and 'menguras' in Melaka. We met at Jusco for makan-makan, shopping and gossip.haha

From left: Suzy, me, Paus and Shatiti

In 25 years of living, I have many sets of friends. Primary, secondary, maktab, UKM, and working place. But tell you, secondary school friends are always the craziest and most comfortable to be with.hahah the last time I met Paus was in Form 5, SPM. I met her again yesterday, still crazy and noisy as always.hehe

I guess studying in a boarding school wasnt bad at all. We grew up together as sisters =)
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