Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Early birthday present

This is random. My cousin Aisya is in Europe right now. She gives herself the ultimate birthday present, Eurotrip. I almost died with envy. But definitely, she inspires me to achieve what I want.hehe Have a blast there cous!

I did break up with my bestfriend. But I'm still stalking them.hahaha so today I visited Milkadeal, well, I visit on daily basis. This offer caught me eyes....

Comfortable Support Pillow
Fancy a plush you can hug, sit on, flop on, or lean against without fear of squishing or deforming it? Wonder no longer as the Comfortable Support Pillow is here to save the day! With a unique shape that ensures your back and arms can be properly supported, you can now use it to your heart's desire!
It's soft, comfortable, and steady. You'll never stop using it once you have it.

You see, I read every night before going to bed. at least one chapter. Sometimes I got too indulged in reading that I read up to 4 chapters.huhu and it got too achy for my back. So I believe, strongly believe this pillow could help with the discomfort while reading. My birthday falls on 4th June. But I'd appreciate any early birthday gift. Anyone??hehehehe

and oh...I want black karer pillow plisss...tee hee hee

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